Let’s not kid ourselves. The anarchist/Antifa groupings are not “turning out to defend our most vulnerable communities” — they are engaged in a turf war with rival gangs, to see who can engage in the most theatrical self-promotion. Yes, the right-wing buttheads like Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer are odious, but politically insignificant compared to the attacks on personal liberty being carried out by the “national security” apparatus (which liberals have lately taken to venerating, for partisan reasons.) The Antifa seem to be collectively persuaded that our government’s “Regime Change” wars are noble and well-intentioned, which makes me question the “Anti” in their name. All and all, both sides are pretty unsavory, and the police are unsavory as well, although I don’t envy them the task of trying to keep rival teams of violence-prone yokels from battling it out on the streets. All of this carrying on is symptomatic of a nation that is economically and culturally moribund, with kids who grow up with no hope and too much entertainment signing up for the Jets and the Sharks.

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Marisol is an arts aficionado and a social media habitué.

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